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An XMPP chat client for your website


Converse.js is an open source webchat client, that runs in the browser and can be integrated into any website.

It's similar to Facebook chat, but also supports multi-user chatrooms.

Converse.js can connect to any accessible XMPP/Jabber server, either from a public provider such as, or to one you have set up yourself.

It's possible to enable single-site-login, whereby users already authenticated in your website will also automatically be logged in on the chat server, but you will have to pre-authenticate them on your server. You can refer to the documentation for more info.



Integration into other frameworks

If you have integrated Converse.js into any other CMS or framework, please let me know and I'll mention it on this page.


You can log in with any existing XMPP account. There is also a list of public XMPP providers on

Is it secure?

Yes, barring any undiscovered security holes and as long as you can trust that the Javascript being downloaded is not tampered with. Its therefore important to serve your pages encrypted with TLS.

Converse.js itself makes encrypted HTTPS requests to a connection manager, which will make an SSL/TLS encrypted connection to an XMPP server (if the server supports it).

Logging in happens via SASL.

That said, the developers don't assume any liability for any loss or damages as a result of using this software or demo. Use at your own risk.

Session support

The chat client will disconnect whenever you reload the page. If you want the user's session to persist across page reloads, you can establish an authenticated connection on the server side and then attach to this connection in your browser.

Converse.js already supports this usecase, but you'll have to do some integration work yourself.


The documentation is included in the source download under the docs folder, or can be read online.


We use the Jasmine testing framework to write tests. Tests can be run in the browser (just open tests.html) or in the commandline via ``grunt test``.

Credits and Dependencies

Converse.js depends on a few third party libraries, including:


Converse.js is released under both the MIT and GPL licenses.


Bitcoin address: 16FsPqE9DhFTryxrUenpsGX4LJ1TPu8GqS


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