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Class: TimedHandler


PrivateClass: Strophe.TimedHandler Private helper class for managing timed handlers.

A Strophe.TimedHandler encapsulates a user provided callback that should be called after a certain period of time or at regular intervals. The return value of the callback determines whether the Strophe.TimedHandler will continue to fire.

Users will not use Strophe.TimedHandler objects directly, but instead they will use Strophe.Connection.addTimedHandler() and Strophe.Connection.deleteTimedHandler().


new TimedHandler()

PrivateConstructor: Strophe.TimedHandler Create and initialize a new Strophe.TimedHandler object.

Parameters: (Integer) period - The number of milliseconds to wait before the handler is called. (Function) handler - The callback to run when the handler fires. This function should take no arguments.

Returns: A new Strophe.TimedHandler object.